Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A new release just in time for Valentines Day

Did you notice Song of Love on the new release table?

Song of Love is a small hardcover edition of the Song of Songs illustrated with miniatures from the Borso d’Este Bible.

The world celebrates love in any number of ways: good, bad (and sometimes ugly), all of which point to the underlying truth of our existence: we are created and sustained by love.

How fitting, then, to reread the great book of love poems from the Bible on this holiday. As the introduction to Song of Love tells us:

"The songs are first of all a celebration of human love in its various aspects: desire, physical attration, belonging, communion, complete giving. It is a love that also knows silence, solitude, fear and separation, but in the end prevails over all obstacles because 'love is strong as death' (Song 8:6)

"Besides being a celebration of human love, the Song of Songs has been read by Jews and Christians alike as an allegory in which the love of the lover for the beloved is seen as a parable of the love of God for creation. In this sense it can be read by all who are seeking to enter more fully into a loving relationship with the Creator, and are seeking words to express this love."

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