Wednesday, March 19, 2008

God's faithfulness unto death

God's faithfulness unto death is in search of our faithfulness.

The word of God is very important in our private life. Such a supremacy of the word of God does not apply only to bloody martyrdom. God's message, which stakes his life on the covenant with us, is a message for everyday life: in the little things, in the patience of faith every day, is realized the way of faithfulness.

And so, fixing our eyes on the blood of Christ, we convert ourselves always more and more to his love.

-- Joseph Ratzinger, Journey to Easter, pg 69

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Come Home for Easter

This morning Sr. Anna and Sr. Jamie brought a selection of our books and materials to Little Flower in Bethesda, MD for the parish's annual "Come Home for Easter" celebration. Next Tuesday we'll be at St. Patrick's in DC for the same event.

For us Paulines it is always a beautiful experience to find ourselves doing our mission side-by-side with the sacramental ministry of the Church.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Can you hear me now?

What are you listening to?

Us? Why of course we have our newest album playing: Catholic Favorites!

We've already caught a few people humming along with the CD as they browse our shelves.

The hymns range from Latin classics such as O Sanctissima and Ave Maria (by Arcadelt), to more recent favorites such as I Am the Bread of Life and Table of Plenty. See the whole list of hymns on the album listed here - or come in and hear it playing in our Center!

What are some of your favorite Church songs?

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Pauline Center in Pakistan damaged in recent violence

Yesterday's bombings in Lahore, Pakistan caused serious damage to the Roman Catholic Cathedral and other Catholic locations in the vicinity, including the Pauline Center operated by the Daughters of St. Paul.

Sisters, employees and patrons were in the bookcenter at the moment of the terrorist attack. Although the roof and wall of the building collapsed, no one in our Center was injured or killed. A fact for which we are profoundly grateful, even as we mourn with others who did not escape injury. News sources report 24 killed and over 200 injured in the bombings which took place in two locations in the city of Lahore.

Although the Cathedral and the Bishop’s house were severely damaged, the Bishop himself came to visit our sisters to encourage and comfort them.

Even in these dark times the sisters are determined to rebuild.

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